Welcome to the ICE virtual world.

The ICE virtual world is a “Launchpad for Startups”. We aim to achieve the survival of our future in which communities and corporations work together to create added values.

Our "Mission" is to create a virtual world that could be helpful for survival in the future.

As COVID-19 has become a global pandemic, we have been experiencing an extremely unstable society. Just conforming to the "rules" of the existing social system and working "hard" does not provide us with any solutions for the concerns of the future. Now, the rules have just changed. We must create a mutually helpful relationship being economically connected, although we have not met each other in person. Let us gather in the ICE virtual world to relieve the concerns of the future.

Our “Vision” is to build “a sustainable virtual world by aiding startups’ virtualization”.

We are living in a world of a dramatically increased contact-free experience. It is a matter of fact that the metaverse is the next big thing. With the current trend, Cryptocurrency is also rapidly growing. Each nation is getting ready for launching Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC). It may be the most powerful cryptocurrency ever, in the name of the country. However, we do not believe that CBDC will help us survive. We have gathered in a virtual world for our survival. We can make a way to live by establishing institutions that create added values.

If we gather people and corporations in the ICE virtual world and keep expanding to a bigger ecosystem, it will be a sustainable “community” surviving in the competition of virtual assets.

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