Features & Tokenomics

Angry Polar Bears

The Angry Polar Bears (APB) pursues a mature Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) ecosystem. It is not simply for fundraising and discontinuing later as necessary, but it portrays growing together continuously and going sustainable.

The APB’s concept is a polar bear. The severe environmental problems caused an abrupt climate change and ice melting in the Arctic and the polar bears are losing their home and food. They must be angry.

The team believes that the polar bears are just like us living in a society now. We are working hard for the future but are afraid of it.

With the idea of the metaverse, society is becoming more virtual. The APB participants are the polar bears in the virtual world like us and build a society where we can "help" each other economically.


The APB virtual society is the beginning of the ICE Ecosystem. It is PFP NFT with 10,000 volumes where various stakeholders get together under the message “survival” like a bear.

APB NFT contains special benefits and rights in the AICE Ecosystem.

  • Differentiated membership status in the governance

  • Differentiated whitelist access to assets within the ecosystem.

  • AICE Token mining at staking PFP NFT


The PFP in the ICE virtual world represents “I”. You are the one who gets the token benefits and rewards for your activity for the ecosystem's growth.

PFP NFT mines 10% of the total AICE volume. You can proceed with mining using the NFT staking function. The PFP NFT in the current ecosystem contains APB NFT.

As the ICE virtual world gets bigger, the PFP project will be known to people gradually that more diverse people will have virtual “I”. Follow-up PFP NFT projects in the ICE Ecosystem will be suggested by the team and decided together with the APB holders.

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