Detailed ICE Factory

ICE Factory

What is ICE Factory?

The Ice Factory is a function for recruiting collectors in the ICE Ecosystem by transforming corporate businesses in early phases into artwork NFT. Corporations may create AICE Token and collectors’ communities and form support groups. Individuals who participate in collecting may claim rewards by performing supportive activities suggested by the corporations.

For establishing factories, corporations need a certain extent of "Land" (which will be applied after the ICE Land is released). After establishing the factories, corporations may do their business with the communities by offering services, platforms, product development, advertisements, and social mining.

Benefits of ICE Factory for Corporations

  • Distribution of business-based artwork NFT

  • Securing profit through minting artwork NFT

  • Forming communities of NFT collectors

  • Mutually beneficial activities for Factory with the communities

Benefits of ICE Factory for Individuals

  • An early collection of artwork NFT with a good vision.

  • A prospective increase in the price of artwork NFT

  • Factory-wide community activities conducted by corporations

  • Reward AICE Token for participation and other rewarding goods and services from corporations

Factory Reward

The Factory contains 5% of the total AICE benefit pool. The factory founders may pile up and claim factory rewards in a form of mining.

  • Corporations may use their factory rewards to reward participants in the community for their activity.

  • Each factory may claim up to 10% of the total rewards available.

  • More factory participants may reduce reward allocation.

Corporations may compensate factory NFT collectors separately. When establishing the factory, corporations may disclose the basis of reward either in a white paper or roadmap. They may give out the reward in the following manners:

  • A portion of AICE Token earnings from services and platform development applicable to the AICE Token

  • A portion of offline earnings after securing through the AICE Token exchange

  • Tangible goods and services

ICE Factory Safety System

NFT collection by individuals may take on the character of Defi. A safety system is enforced to prevent collectors’ losses from unexpected accidents and dangers.

  • If collectors fail to meet the target quota, they may not get a refund on their minting.

  • Corporations may transfer 50%~100% of the AICE Token from minting to their corporate wallet.

  • If the volume from item 2 is 50%, the other 50% will be held as a deposit.

  • By a vote of collectors, the deposit may be transferred to the corporate wallet after fulfilling the conditions set by the corporation (if the majority agrees).

  • While the deposit remains still, collectors may dispose of the deposit on its residual value to the purchase price at their discretion. On disposal, the NFT is removed.

The value in item 2 will be disclosed when corporations establish their factory.

ICE Factory for Corporate Expansion

Corporations are not subordinate to the factory but able to expand through various blockchains (NFT, Token, Defi, P2E) and metaverse together with the established community.

Qualification for Participation in the ICE Factory

Purchase of artwork NFT at the factory established by the corporation may differ depending on one’s membership status in the ICE Ecosystem.

Corporations may allocate the number of whitelists (defined purchase right) based on one’s membership status upon distributing NFT.

How to Participate in the ICE Factory

Upon establishing Factory, corporations may set an NFT minting standard such as KLAY coin, AICE Token, and others. Documented guidelines for minting artwork NFT at the factory will be provided at the time of minting.

Corporate Verification Procedure for Participating in Factory

Team Round

  • Members of the team evaluate corporate participants by reviewing references.

Advisor Round

  • The evaluation is conducted in collaboration with advisors, partners, or verification agencies.

Community Round

  • The evaluation is disclosed to the community, drafted by the governance, and verified by a ballot.

  • A detailed plan, company profile, and white paper are disclosed at applicable rounds.

  • They will be applied after the ecosystem stabilization process.

How to trade Factory NFT

A marketplace exclusively for Factory NFT will be developed and introduced into the ecosystem.

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