Purpose Of ICE Factory

ICE Factory

ICE Factory Objective

Corporations with factories may generate profit and create a community within the ICE Ecosystem through minting. The corporations may need to use the AICE Token for developing their target services, platforms, and products in all relevant systems. Technically, the corporations establish and manage institutions in the ICE virtual world based on the AICE Token.

Supports from Foundations

The factories established by corporations within the ICE Ecosystem contain a significant function for making the use of the AICE Token. The foundations support corporations through consulting, funding, and technology to expand to the virtual world.

  • Some remarkable factory models from the corporate verification process may be eligible for pre-AICE Token support.

  • Corporations that establish factories may receive 3rd party support to link their payment system with the ICE Token within their services and platforms.

  • Each corporation may receive advisory and development agency support for developing web and app-based services and platforms.

Operation Plan

The team focuses on 2 things for achieving factory goals.

  • Listing Corporations with Factories: Consistent community announcements, white papers, and updates will be made on the related page.

  • Expansion of the ICE Ecosystem Participants: It targets global and strategic operations.

Initial factory corporations will be headhunted by the team’s active search. The others will be headhunted by the partners afterward. The more participants increase dramatically through marketing and Mining App, the more demands for corporate factories in the ecosystem.

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