ICE Land

ICE Ecosystem

The Angry Polar Bears (APB) discovered a vast ice continent as they were exploring the deep sea for survival. We decided to call this continent “ICE Land”.

  • A total of 100,000 limited volumes are generated in the form of NFT at the ICE Land.

  • The Land can be split at a designated time by the team and traded in the market.

  • During the initial sale, APB holders may obtain approximately 2,000 whitelists (defined purchases at a lower price) to the Land. Those who qualify may use the AICE Token for purchase.

  • Participants with member status may receive rewards respective to their status and make a purchase.

  • Participants may own ICE Land by purchasing NFT with a written coordinate of the ICE Land.

Corporations may establish their factories on the Land. Besides that, they may benefit their businesses by creating services, platforms, products, advertisements, and social mining on the Land. Additionally, individuals participating in the ICE Ecosystem may develop businesses and run various enterprises on the Land.

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