ICE Pre-Mining

ICE Mining

It is a pre-mining before the opening of the official ICE Ecosystem with its symbol “PICE”. The starting block for the pre-mining is 84879892. The pre-mining continues until the opening of the official mining and the tokens from the pre-mining may be exchanged with the official ICE Token.

How to do ICE Pre-mining

Mining Volume

사전 채굴은 APB NFT 개당 하루 0.432개를 채굴합니다.


  • The migration site and the date will be announced upon the opening of the official mining.

  • As daily mining volume changed from 0.864 to 2.74, every 0.432 AICE is converted to 1.37 AICE having an exchange ratio of 3.17. (PICE → AICE)

  • All unexchanged PICE is removed if not exchanged until the deadline.

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