Abyss ICE Story


The Beyond Bear of Angry Polar Bears (APB) community has always been distressed about the survival of the bears in the future. The temperature kept going up and their home kept disappearing that the future of the bears became more unpredictable with the scarcity of food.

One day, the Beyond Bear concluded that his community can't survive. He decided to travel to a far deep side of the sea for hunting and throw a salmon party where the bears can enjoy delicious salmons.

He was scared to travel to the far deep sea because no one has ever been there. But he encouraged himself because he had the APB bears who would cheer him every day. Day by day, he began his journey to the far deep sea for hunting although it took a while to get himself ready.

He began his journey with courage, but it was not so easy to hunt in a deep sea. One hour and two hours later, he saw bigger organisms as he kept going down. Let alone the salmons, he was running out his oxygen, but he saw something shining in the deep ocean.

Using the last drop of the oxygen, he arrived. Oh my gosh! It was a whole new world!

The new world had a vast land of ice, light, and air. And there was "ice" that never seem to melt away.

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