Highly Sustainable ICE Ecosystem


The APB team created a sustainable token economy. In the ICE Ecosystem, corporations attempt to advance to the virtual world and get the support and backing of the participants.

The ICE Factory is an essential factor for a solid foundation of the APB ecosystem. The ICE Factory is a combined model of crowdfunding and acceleration. It is noticeably different from the existing launchpad which runs the IDO of the current Defi model. The launchpad focuses on running the IDO successfully. It tends to be a one-off sale. The ICE Factory model that the team suggests does not just end with token sales and airdrop. It pursues the creation and sustainable management of a participative community where real enterprises generate profit through the ICE Factory.

Corporate participants do not end with raising money through minting but successfully finish projects with continuous support from the communities and foundations. As a result, the participants may continuously stay together for developing the ICE Ecosystem as partners.

For successful fundraising, corporations need two things: money and people. In the real business world, corporations pull partners and funds together through government grants and investment funds and create a consumer group through promotions. In such a way, essential institutions that support the social values are formed; the society’s economic feasibility goes up. The ICE Ecosystems tries to get closer to its “Mission” and “Vision” by realizing these things to a protocol through blockchain.

The items mentioned earlier may seem to have a factor of security. However, the ICE Factory’s function deals with this factor in the form of artwork NFT sales. Through the sale of artwork NFT, corporations generate earnings and form a community like stockholders. Within the ICE Ecosystem, corporations and participants are connected economically.

The growth of corporations in the ICE Ecosystem may inspire individual participants. Anyone can start their business coexisting with the ecosystem and own a startup enterprise. The foundations strongly support corporations and individuals to become “institutions” with appropriate finance and technology.

Therefore, the ICE Ecosystem becomes more sustainable as time goes by.

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