Terms & Condition

Terms & Condition

he purpose of this document is to provide information related to the service. This document does not have any legal force and is subject to change without notice.

The participants of the Angry Polar Bears (APB) website and group must understand and conform to relevant restrictions.

The participants must be aware of the risk of investment loss associated with encrypted assets trading.

The participants are fully responsible for the result of their investment decisions according to their own investment goals and financial situation.

The APB is not responsible for any leakage and loss of data due to participants' loss, leakage, and destruction of their personal keys.

Since the APB is not legally liable for any investment, all participants are encouraged to fully understand and conform to related regulations and terms in the applicable jurisdiction.

Due to the irreversible character of cryptocurrency, both tangible and intangible losses may be realized from potential damages, inevitable causes, system attacks, and code tracking.

The cryptocurrency market may be subject to restrictions and investigations conducted by both domestic and foreign authorities. The APB may, accordingly, be negatively affected by law enforcement.

Cryptocurrency's value may fluctuate due to the market situation. The participants must be aware of its variability. The APB is not responsible for any loss and damage caused by such variability.

Cryptocurrency is not free of risk including a decrease in value, uncertainty, political risk, and competition. Service direction and plan may change or cease due to several reasons such as financial deficiency in service development and potential risks to business success.

Token and NFT are not cancellable after purchase and are non-refundable.

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